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12 April 2012 @ 09:49 pm
beautiful and evil  

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.

+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.

+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

Fandoms: Sons Of Anarchy: Chibs/Tig, Clay/Tig, Jax/Tig, Kozik/Tig, Gemma/Tara, Clay/Jax
The Walking Dead: Rick/Shane, Andrea/Maggie
Supernatural: Michael/Adam, Michael/Adam/Lucifer, Castiel/Gabriel, Gabriel/Michael/Lucifer, Gabriel/Lucifer, Dean/Adam, Dean/Adam/Sam
Justified: Raylan/Boyd
The Shield: Shane/Lem, Vic/Lem/Shane, Vic/Lem
The Covenant: Caleb/Reid, Caleb/Pogue/Tyler/Reid
Big Wolf on Campus: Tommy/Merton
RPF: Tommy Flanagan/Kim Coates, Andrew Lincoln/Jon Berthnal, Walton Goggins/Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins/Kenny Johnson, Walton Goggins/kenny Johnson/Timothy Olyphant


Acts: Biting (marking, nipping, chewing) I have a thing for it. XD

Orgasm denial (Fairly obvious)

Sexual movements (back arching; hips lifting; thrusting back; writhing, jerking, bucking; clenching; grinding or rocking; trembling or shivering; hooking legs around shoulders; pressing someone's legs back toward the bed; riding someone's fingers)

Domesticity (moving in together; nesting; shopping; building a family or meeting the family; getting a cat or dog; kidfic)

AUs (alternate characterizations and situations; sex between alternates of one character or between different characters; alternates as catalysts for realization of desire; role reversal; darker mirror universe characters; mistaken identity)

Fills by me:

Waiting For Your Touch - SPN, Michael/Adam, touching, kid!fic, light R for bballgirl3022

Fly Me Away - SPN, Michael/Adam, BDSM, Clothed, Oral fixation, NC-17 for nights_fang

All Tied Up - Suits, Harvey/Mike, Whispering, Light/Teasing Touch, Restraints, NC-17 for sycophantastic

What You Deserve - The Covenant, OT4, Oral fixation, BDSM, UST, NC-17 for grlkat2

Verse For Forgiveness - SPN, Dean/Adam, Hurt/Comfort/Guilt, Claiming, NC-17 for ladyknightanka

Need - Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Bonding, PG-13 for zekkass

Speak To Me - The Covenant, Caleb/Reid, Intoxication, Dirty Talk, Sleepy Snuggling, NC-17 for _bluebells

Promises, Promises - SPN, Lucifer/Gabriel, Bonding, Possessiveness, NC-17 for cashay

Issues - SPN, Michael/Adam, Forced feminization, Aristocracy, NC-17 for bellacatbee

Something Pretty - SPN, Dean/Adam/Sam, Oral fixation, Possessiveness, Spanking, Water, Dominance/submission NC-17 for thedreamisreal

Played This Game Before - SPN, Castiel/Gabriel, Fix it, Revelations, PG for shadownashira

Tiny Heart - SPN, Michael/Adam, Wing!fic, Mpreg, Cuddling, PG for confetticas

Magical Mistakes - Avengers, Thor/Loki, Tentacles, NC-17 for theinsaneeraser

Fight For Me - Sons Of Anarchy, Jax/Tig, Gun play, Crossdressing, NC-17 for moonofblindness

Fills for me:
Michael/Adam, Domesticity, G by demira_watson

The Covenant; Caleb/Reid; NC-17 (domesticity, biting, sexual movements) by _bluebells

[SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 1/2) by ladyknightanka

"Mating Cycle" 1/2 (Tommy/Merton, biting and sexual movements, NC-17) by bellacatbee

Fledgelings 1/3, Domesticity/AU, PG-13, SPN, Adam/Michael/Lucifer by cashay
North, South, East, West: The Cage
Dark Beyond The Blue: bouncybouncy
Verse For Forgiveness: TV
Your Omniscient Empress: Supernaturalladyknightanka on April 15th, 2012 02:19 am (UTC)
[SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 1/2)
It hurts, at first, when Dean comes out and tells him, “I don't... I can't see you as a brother, Adam. I just can't. Sorry.”

Only at first.

Okay, so it's true. Adam jerks himself off thinking of Dean sometimes and maybe that isn't the kind of thing you do with your brother, but in Adam's defense, he's never had a brother to jerk off to before. Maybe it is the norm, for all he knows.

He knows Sam is Dean's One True Brother (capitalization and trademark required), but the thing is, Dean thinks of Cas all bromantically, too. It's only Adam he stares at for long periods of time, then looks away from quickly when Adam tries to catch his gaze; it's only Adam who pisses Dean off by doing something innocuous like ordering a vanilla ice cream cone during their down time.

So Adam does what he thinks is best, although he really has been enjoying the community feel that developed between them all. He sits Sam down, takes his hand (because Sam is sensitive and appreciates shit like that) and says, “I think I should go.”

Sam blinks at him, then asks, “Where? Dean's at the supermarket now. I'm sure he'll remember you like two percent milk.”

“No, you dunce,” Adam grumbles. He releases Sam's hand like it bit him and glowers at it a moment, before trying again, slow and patient, in the same tone he'd use on one of his boy-scouts. “I think Dean hates me. And, yeah, I know you adore me, but it's time I got outta your hair. You'd only get bitter if I put a wedge between you and Dean.”

Sam stares. Adam stares back. He thinks he did a really valiant job getting his message across, but when Sam says, “You're right. You should go,” it still feels like a punch to the gut.

“Wow, Sam, cry more, why don'tcha?” he mutters, wishing he'd never taken Sam's hand; mean moose don't deserve kindness. He mutters as much under his breath and Sam quirks an eyebrow at him, a smirk crooking his lips. Just as loudly, Adam adds how some people just aren't meant to leer like that. Sam's cheery expression melts into what Dean calls his bitchface.

“What I mean,” Sam says, “is that you should leave and take Dean with you. Go on a trip, just the two of you. Try living together a while. Cas and I are tired of your pining, man. It's pathetic.”

Adam scowls, lips twisted into a pout. “Dude, I'm so far from pathetic. Michael will vouch. I'm fucking awesome.”

“I'm sure your blue balls agree.” Sam smirk widens.

Adam scrunches his nose and replies, “Dude, don't talk about my balls. That's gross.”

“I won't, but only because Dean would rather talk about them. And touch them.” Sam's face crumples, as well. “Bad thoughts.” He clears his throat and gathers his bearings again, forehead crinkled in determination now. “Seriously, though, Adam, he cares about you. A lot. I've never seen him go without girls for as long as he has, so if you want him, too, and I know you do 'cause I've seen you two eyefuck each other, do something about it. Hash it out like healthy people in a relationship, at least this once.”

Adam's eyes round at Sam's conviction, but he mumbles, “Okay,” then inhales a deep breath to steel his nerves as much as Sam's. “You think you could leave a while?” he asks, to which Sam nods like an enthusiastic puppy. It becomes a matter of wearing Dean down, afterward.

When Dean returns to their motel room from the supermarket, no one but Adam, dressed in nothing but one of Dean's older plaid shirts, is there. Dean drops his shopping bags and stammers, “A-Adam?”

“In the flesh. Literally.” Adam swipes his tongue across his grinning lips and watches Dean follow the motion with wide eyes. He crooks a finger to beckon Dean forward, to the bed where he already sits. “Sam's out. Seems to think we needed some brotherly bonding time.”

Dean's eyes flick away and his cheeks flush red. “If this is some kinda joke, kid,” he grumbles, trailing off to leave the threat in the air.
Your Omniscient Empress: Supernaturalladyknightanka on April 15th, 2012 02:20 am (UTC)
[SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 2/2)
“It's not.” Adam stands and lopes closer to Dean. The shirt is long enough that it brushes his thighs and sashays with his hips. He drops his hand on a prone Dean's shoulder and relishes in the tense muscles he feels beneath his touch. “It's not at all. I want you to stop pussyfooting, Dean, and fuck me.”

Dean responds by gathering Adam up in his arms and mashing their mouths together. It's a violent kiss. Their tongues writhe like snakes in love and their teeth clash, but Adam links his arms behind Dean's neck all the same, unable to do anything but lean into his solid warmth. The room is so small that the bed immediately to their rear meets Adam's knees when they stumble back. They fall into a pile of tangled limbs on top of it.

“Gonna make you feel so good,” Dean growls against Adam's lips, hands all over Adam already, tearing at his shirt till its buttons pop off and stroking his naked thighs.

Adam whimpers when Dean dips his head low and pushes the shirt up, till it's bunched above Adam's nipples. These, Dean tweaks with a playful smirk, but before Adam can demand he do something else with his wandering hands, Dean's fingertips paint their way down to Adam's hips, then lower. Dean's surprisingly elegant digits wind around Adam's legs, tight enough that they'll leave bruises in the morning, while Dean kneels till his mouth is level with Adam's cock.

“Hnnn.” Adam presses his knuckles against his lips to reign in mewls. Dean licks a swipe from his balls to the tip of his cock, tongue heavy there, curling at the leaking slit. Adam's fist does nothing to muffle his wail when Dean swallows him whole, bobbing his head to deep throat his swollen crown.

The palm of one hand still splayed under the area beneath Adam's knee, Dean extricates his other hand to roll and fondle Adam's balls, then shifts them aside, wedges them almost painfully under the base of his cock, to prod at Adam's hole. Dean's finger is dry, but with Sam gone, Adam had time aplenty to prep himself. Dean slides in with little resistance and Adam clings to the bedsheets on either side of him, to avoid tugging on Dean's hair.

“I think I'm gonna–” he starts to say, but Dean pulls away with an obscene 'pop' before he can, teeth bared in a grin.

“Uh-uh, baby boy, not yet,” Dean says. Adam glares and flexes his fingers, thinking he should have pulled, after all, but then Dean's mouth plants wetly on his stomach and he stops caring. Dean crawls on top of him and says, “Lift your legs high as they go.”

Adam does as he's bid and Dean grips one in one large hand, guiding the tip of his cock inside Adam with the other. When it's pressed an inch in, he takes Adam's other leg, too, and pushes both back with his first deep thrust, sheathing himself entirely. Adam groans at the faint burn, but bucks his hips up into Dean's jabs.

Dean hooks Adam's knees onto his shoulders and lowers himself. He mouths at Adam's neck and chest, sharps nips and sucks that will leave hickeys, red badges of courage Stephen Crane probably wouldn't ever want to envision – or maybe he will. It's the slight pain of Dean's teeth around his nipple that pushes Adam over the edge. He orgasms on both their bellies. Dean slams into him a few more times, the slap of their skin echoing in the room, then comes himself.

They fall together into a half-bare, breathless, sticky heap, Adam tracing patterns in the mess atop Dean's abs. “Sam thinks we should take a trip. Just us.” He's quiet and cautious. The sex was great, mind-blowing even, but this is Dean Winchester. He's so promiscuous, he makes porn-stars seem like devout monks and he's definitely had mind-blowing sex before. For all Adam knows, Dean may go back to ignoring him and sulking.

Instead, Dean smiles into his hair and says, “Yeah. Sounds good. Always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.” He trails off and his breathing steadies. Adam allows his own mouth to cant into a crooked beam, then curls up in Dean's arms and also falls asleep.

A few hours later, they realize they forgot to lock the door when Sam announces his return with a shouted, “Cas, zap me outta here! I think I'm blind!”

Oh well.

Edited at 2012-04-15 02:20 am (UTC)
Lady Strangesynnerxx on April 15th, 2012 02:36 am (UTC)
Re: [SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 2/2

I love all the things in this! Every single thing! ALL THE LOVE! Seriously this is perfect and I love you! <333333
Your Omniscient Empress: Supernaturalladyknightanka on April 15th, 2012 02:40 am (UTC)
Re: [SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 2/2

I'm so glad you liked it, penguin. *smoosh* ♥♥♥♥♥
Lady Strangesynnerxx on April 15th, 2012 04:37 pm (UTC)
Re: [SPN]: Operation Seduce Dean Winchester (Dean/Adam, biting, orgasm denial, domesticity, etc, 2/2

*hugshugs* You are amazing. :D