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16 October 2011 @ 12:29 am
tonight's gonna be a good, good night  
Five Acts! :D

+ Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks to read about. Check out this list if you need some inspiration. At the bottom of your post, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in.
+ Read other people's lists; the master list of lists is here.
+ Post comment-fic based off of other people's interests.

Fandoms and pairings:

Supernatural: Dean/Sam, Castiel/Gabriel, Michael/Adam, Lucifer/Gabriel/Michael, Michael/Gabriel, Lucifer/Gabriel, Dean/Adam, Michael/Adam/Lucifer, Sam/Adam, Ruby/Jo, Meg/Ruby, Lilith/Ruby

Supernatural RPS: Misha/Richard, Jensen/Jared, Matt/Richard, Mark P/Richard

Sons Of Anarchy: Chibs/Tig, Clay/Tig, Jax/Tig, Kozik/Tig, Chibs/Tig/Jax, Chibs/Tig/Kozik, Gemma/Tara

Sons Of Anarchy RPS: Tommy/Kim, Kenny/Kim, Ron/Kim, Tommy/Kim/Kenny

Kinks: Begging or offering (begging or pleading for mercy, for sexual release, to be taken; a character offering himself; neediness)
Biting (marking, nipping, nibbling)
Guns and gun-play (guns as fetish objects; gun-battles as flirting or foreplay; guns used for sexual penetration; of Russian Roulette)
Master and slave (erotic or romantic slavery, or otherwise)
Power issues (inequities in beauty, rank, or class; power ; BDSM; power reversals; sheikhs, sultans, princes, and other royal figures; teacher/student pairings; magical powers; abuse of power; blackmail; romantic slavery; liege/lord pairings; issues of respect; sexual scenarios such as a dominant character giving his partner to others to use, or a character kneeling beneath a desk and blowing someone who's on the phone)

Fics For Me:

Supernatural, Gabriel/Castiel, NC-17, mafia!AU, gun kink (warning for dubcon) by zekkass

SPN, The Grade You Deserve, Michael/Adam, PG-13, (teacher/student, dubconish, implied underage) by ladyknightanka

Yes - Supernatural - Michael/Adam/Lucifer - R - Begging, Biting, Power Issues by super_seme04

Betrayal; SPN, Gabriel/Lucifer, human!AU dub-con-ish, DARK, all the kinks, incest [1/2] by princess_aleera

Ashes, SPN, Michael/Adam Mafia AU. Gunplay. Biting. Power Issues. Dub-con by nights_fang

Fics By Me:

This Is All Father's Fault, Supernatural, Archangel OT4, Mpreg, Bonds, Wing!Fic, & Domesticity, PG-13 for pandionpandeus

Haunting Me, Saving Me, MAL, Supernatural, Hurt/Comfort, Soulbonding, PG for ladyknightanka

I Will Not Bow, Godstiel/Gabriel, Supernatural, Collars/Collaring, Orgasm Denial, NC-17 for zekkass

Won't You Touch Me, Touch Me, SPN, Michael/Adam, Fingers, NC-17 for _bluebells

A Different Kind Of Grace, SPN, Anna/Young!Mary, Tentacles, NC-17 for theinsaneeraser

Stripes, Suits, Harvey/Mike, Restraints/Restraining, NC-17 for sycophantastic

Mine, SPN, Adam&Sam&Dean, Jealousy, PG for thedreamisreal

Relax Into The Need, SPN, Michael/Lucifer, Anti-Hero, Tattoos, Attention, R for super_seme04

Sweet And Unexplainable, SPN, Bela/Jo, Bondage,!Kink, R for nights_fang

Strange And Lovable, SPN, Gabriel/Castiel, Inexperience, Taboo Relationships, Unusual Partners, R for princess_aleera
North, South, East, West: My Bed
Dark Beyond The Blue: tiredtired
Verse For Forgiveness: TGIF (Last Friday Night)-Katy Perry
princess_aleeraprincess_aleera on October 19th, 2011 11:37 pm (UTC)
Betrayal; SPN, GAbriel/Lucifer, human!AU dub-con-ish, DARK, all the kinks, incest [1/2]
(This is very much bordering on non-con and tortureat the beginning, but it ends up consensual. JSYK. Also I'm sorry, but with kinks/prompts like these, how can I possibly keep the sadistic part of my Muse back? O.o )

It's a Glock, Gabriel notices, and closes his eyes when he feels the cold metal against his temple. He's breathing heavily, his body heaving, arms stiff with trying not to move or fight the handcuffs restraining him. "Brother," he whispers.

Lucifer shushes him and trails a cold finger across Gabriel's cheek, too gentle for the harshness of the situation.

"No, Gabriel," Lucifer says very calmly, his voice so quiet Gabriel struggles to hear it at all, "I need you to be very, very still."

Gabriel lets a whimper escape his throat, and his brother shushes him again.

The gun moves, trailing oh, so slowly across his forehead until it rests right between his eyes.

"Do you want me to pull the trigger?" Lucifer asks calmly.

"No. Please." Gabriel bites back another apology; a reason for Lucifer not to do it.

Lucifer makes a 'hmmm'ing sound. The gun trails further down, nudging against his lips. They are firmly pressed together. Gabriel can smell metal and gunpowder and death.


He does. By God, he does. Gabriel still has his eyes closed, and he manages to keep the tears at bay while his brother fucks the Glock in and out of his mouth.

"You look good like this," Lucifer muses, his voice nearly in Gabriel's ear.

Gabriel sobs.

"Ssh, don't cry," Lucifer soothes him and kisses him on the temple. "You know why you're here." The gun slips out.

"I didn't tell him, Luci," Gabriel gasps out, voice wrecked already. "I swear. I didn't tell them anything."

"Shush, Gabriel." And the gun is forced back in, the movements rougher now.

Gabriel grunts in discomfort, but stays still. He knows the gun is loaded, and he also knows his brother's anger.

Finally Lucifer seems pleased, and the gun trails down Gabriel's bare chest until it rests against his heart.

"My blood kin," Lucifer says quietly and cocks the gun.

"Luci, please, you have to believe me," Gabriel sobs out.

"If you didn't tell Michael where I was hiding, who could it have been, Gabriel?" Lucifer's voice never wavers, never sounds angry. Just coldly detached.

"I don't know. I don't know, but it wasn't me," Gabriel says, shaking his head slowly. "You know I've always been on the outside. I'm neutral. I don't want anything to do with this."

Lower still, the gun slips, until finally the chilled metal is nudging against Gabriel's crotch. Despite the situation, he's half-hard, and the knowledge terrifies and exhilirates him. Which again leaves him yet more confused of this whole situation.

"Lie back, Gabriel."

"Lucifer, please. Don't- no."
princess_aleeraprincess_aleera on October 19th, 2011 11:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Betrayal; SPN, GAbriel/Lucifer, human!AU dub-con-ish, DARK, all the kinks, incest [2/2]

Lucifer flips the gun upwards too fast for Gabriel too notice, and fires. The shot sounds like it goes through the roof, but Gabriel yelps and curls tighter in on himself. He's trembling.

"Lie. Back."

Gabriel does. He spreads his legs, too- knows what's coming, even if he fears it. "Please, brother..."

"Raphael did once stay on the sidelines next to you," Lucifer says and moves in between Gabriel's legs. His hands are colder than the gun, trailing up Gabriel's inner thighs. "And we both know where he ended up."

"I'm not Raphael," Gabriel spits out, a flare of anger in the midst of all the mind-numbing fear. "I would never betray you."

"Open your eyes, Gabriel," Lucifer says, seemingly ignoring his younger brother's pleas.

Blinking his eyes open, dreading the sight, Gabriel squints at the harsh light of the room. His eyes locks with his brother's immediately, and he shrinks back from the Glock resting just outside his entrance.

"What were you talking about with Michael three nights ago?" Lucifer asks, almost mildly, and Gabriel flinches. "Oh, yes. I know of that. Michael is not the only one with spies."

"That had nothing to do with- urgh-" Gabriel fights the intrusion,but his brother is relentless and only pushes the gun in harder, faster. "Luci, it hurts."

"I know it does." But his movements grown gentle, his free hand trailing soothingly across Gabriel's abdomen while the gun disappears slowly into the younger brother's body. "Tell me what you talked about."

Gabriel swallows, tears gathering in his eyes. "I got money from Michael," he whispered.

Luci's eyes hardened, but his voice remains the same. "For information about me?"

Gabriel shakes his head. "No. I don't lie to you, Luci; I would never betray you." His hand clench minutely, half wanting his brother to take it in his own.

"Then why would you need the money?" Luci asks, hard, but the thrusting of the Glock is much gentler now. Almost hesitant. He's listening, at least.

"I'm leaving," Gabriel whispers, ashamed to admit it. "I can't stand being on the sidelines anymore, watching you two try to take each other down. I was going to move."

"Where to?" Lucifer asks, and he looks genuinely surprised. The hand with the gun stills.

"Brazil," Gabriel said and gave his brother a sad, shaky smile. "You know how I've always wanted to visit Rio de Janeiro."

Lucifer closes his eyes and exhales slowly. Then he pulls the gun out of Gabriel. "Sit up."

Gabriel does what he's told, a bit awkwardly since he's still handcuffed.

Lucifer's hand strokes away the sweaty bangs in Gabriel's face. He looks so lonely and vulnerable right now, as if he's the one completely at his brother's mercy. "You want to leave," he says, and it's not a question.

Gabriel leans into the touch when Lucifer strokes away his tears. "I know you will end up killing each other in the end, and I can't- I can't be here for that. I'm sorry, Luci. I love you more than the world, but you can't ask me to do that." He opens his eyes to look pleadingly at his brother. "I will do anything for you, but not this."

Lucifer trembles, just slightly, and then nods. "I won't. I won't." He leans over to kiss his brother, and there is nothing cold or reserved about him now, Just desperation and loss.

"I'm sorry," Gabriel whispers against Lucifer's lips, arching as much as he can to show Lucifer that this isn't something taken by force.

"You were always the middle child, even if you're the youngest of us," Lucifer smiles sadly, and draws back to rid himself of his jeans. When he breaches Gabriel, the younger brother is ready for it.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Gabriel keeps whispering as they rock together towards release, Lucifer clinging to him and Gabriel biting his brother's lip to keep him close. It takes neither of them long to come, and when they do their orgasm is almost painful.

They breath together after it's done, Lucifer leaning his head on Gabriel's torso. He suspects his big brother is crying, but he doesn't ask.

princess_aleeraprincess_aleera on October 19th, 2011 11:45 pm (UTC)
EPILOGUE; Don't need to read this, it's just how my story ends.
"I'll miss you," Lucifer whispers after a long while of silence.

"I'll miss you too, Luci," Gabriel says quietly and entwines his fingers with his brother's.

Finally, Lucifer draws out. His eyes are red-rimmed, and there's a mess that Gabriel left on his stomach, but other than that he is as beautiful as ever. "I love you," Gabriel says. "Never doubt it."

Lucifer gives him a rare, genuine smile and captures his lips in a soft kiss. "I don't. Not anymore."

It's a goodbye-kiss, Gabriel realizes. This is goodbye. He knows that when he leaves, he will not return even if his brothers end their feud. He can't do it. This is the last time he sees his brother.

"Close your eyes," Lucifer whispers, and Gabriel does so without hesitation.

When he hears the gun go off and a brief pain explode on the side of his head, Gabriel thinks he should maybe be surprised. But he's not.

He's not even all that disappointed.

~*~THE END~*~

seriously, girl, you put russian roulette on your kink list
what more can i say

Lady Strange: Lucifer!Firesynnerxx on October 21st, 2011 01:29 am (UTC)
Re: EPILOGUE; Don't need to read this, it's just how my story ends.
My heart! You totally broke it, but hnnng, this is hot. Love it, bb. Thank you! <3
princess_aleeraprincess_aleera on October 21st, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
Re: EPILOGUE; Don't need to read this, it's just how my story ends.
I'm sorry. I really am. But I just had to write it. ;___;

*holds you*

Lady Strangesynnerxx on October 22nd, 2011 12:45 am (UTC)
Re: EPILOGUE; Don't need to read this, it's just how my story ends.
Don't be sorry. It's amazing. <3

(Deleted comment)
princess_aleeraprincess_aleera on November 6th, 2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
Re: EPILOGUE; Don't need to read this, it's just how my story ends.
LOL, yeah, they're a rare pairing. I'm glad you liked this? :)